Takaze Education – Mathematical Olympiad and STEAM Education

Takaze Education was founded in 2020 by a group of educators who are focusing on teaching mathematics and science courses in primary and secondary schools. The Olympiad Mathematics courses provided by us are high in quality and reasonably priced. Particularly, the courses are very useful for students who want to take the Olympiad exams. Our instructors have many years of experience in Mathematical Olympiad teaching, curriculum design, coordinating on-campus training classes, and topic preparation for competitions. What’s more, they are very familiar with the development of Mathematical Olympiad in Hong Kong.

Apart from Mathematics and Maths Olympiad courses. We also provide STEM subjects with a view to aligin with the need of education in 21st century.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The positioning of STEM education is to cultivate students’ different potentials to meet future challenges. With the rapid changes in the world and the flood of information, cultivating students’ 21st century skills (also called generic skills) is the key to their full potential. Through STEM education, students can consolidate their knowledge and skills related to STEM subjects, and enhance their ability to “solve problems in daily life through practical solutions and innovative designs, and comprehensively use interdisciplinary knowledge and skills”

We believe that mathematical thinking and STEM education are indispensable skills in today’s society and the root of all future learning. Takaze Education is committed to promoting Mathematical Olympiad and STEM courses with a view to :

–  encourage more students to have exposure to Mathematical Olympiad and STEM education
– train the students to learn to think logically to simplify the process
– improve students’ level of thinking and learn to analyze problems from multiple angles
– Enhance student’s interest in mathematics learning to get the best learning results
– Enable students to learn to appreciate mathematics thinking and increase interest in learning
– Improve students’ creative ability to cater to a changing society

Btw, Takaze Education has provided targeted “On-School mathematical and STEM training classes” for different schools, and provided on-campus courses to be held in the school. It has won the support of teachers and students from all schools.

Because of COVID-19, Takaze Education mainly provides discount online courses using Zoom or Google Meet. It also holds continuous “Olympic Mathematical Training Courses” in different places, so that students who do not provide Mathematical Olympiad training classes in the school can also learn Mathematical Olympiad in their spare time.

To better equip our students to participate in large-scale Mathematics Olympiad competitions, Takaze Education also organizes “Mathematics Olympiad Special Preparatory Lectures” to teach students various competition skills, so that students can get the best results in the competitions.


Why you choose Takaze Education?

– Conduct courses interactively and provide course materials with good quality
– The textbooks and exercises contain challenging competition level questions (E.g. mock exam for Maths Olympiad)
– Provide regular quizzes with detailed explanation on the solutions
– Provide staged learning performance report
– Provide Certificate of Completion for students who passed the assessment at the end of each stage
– Arrange STEM in school if necessary. We could also include the procurement of materials used in STEM classes.

Frequently update the major competition information
As a professional Mathematical Olympiad training organization, we will provide the latest and most comprehensive competition information to the school so that students will not miss any chance.